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Nevada Day & Halloween - 057

In this action packed episode, David and Dennis cover Nevada Day with special guest Lily. Learn about some of the history of the state of Nevada and the annual NV Day Treasure hunt! Do you think some laws are silly? Here's a few of the silliest laws in Nevada to

Protests - 056

It’s all about the act of protesting and assembly in this episode of Sparks of Interest. Dave and Dennis cover the legal right to assemble as well as some of statutes of Sparks. A case from the 1800’s has long reaching consequences that even affected us until recently.

Growing up in Sparks - 055

In this episode, things take a more lighthearted tone as Dennis and Dave share stories of growing up in Sparks. Hear about some of the changes in the area since they were kids and get to know our hosts a little better. As a real treat, Dennis and Dave share

September 11th - 054

It’s an emotional episode as Dave and Dennis discuss the September 11th attacks in 2001.  We cover the timeline of events just before the attacks as well as our personal experiences in the following days.  As conspiracy theories fly, Dennis gets a little heated talking about them.  The world

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How I research candidates

What you'll get out of this postWe all want to find an easier way to do research. This article highlights some key points: Start by looking for a list of candidates online. Do a search through your registrar of voters website. Visit their website and social media, if they make

Standing up for what is right

I try to follow as many social apps as possible, not necessarily to post about my day or share pictures of what I’ve had for lunch (though I have done that on a few accounts), but also to listen and hear others and their stories. The Nextdoor app is