Are you prepared? We want you to just take in mind this quick short list of things you need to make sure you have.

*Please keep in mind while it's ok to be prepared, don't PANIC! Breath, take an extra breath or two and just remember that humans do this thing called fight or flight. And when one person does it, everyone starts to do it. If you stay calm and stay prepared, you probably won't notice much of a difference from one day to the next.

That being said, What's up with everyone buying all the toilet paper? Get what you need, and then just stock up on hand soap. If the world ends, TP is not going to be on the top of the "dang I wish I had done that" list.

But ok here's what you do need:

Food - something that stays for a while, like canned goods (don't forget they still expire)

Water - Keep it out of the sunlight. Or you can go old school and have a pot and heating setup to boil your water.

Medicine - Stuff you know you might need for an extended period of time (also don't forget meds still expire too so don't go too crazy)

First Aid Kit - Every home should have one anyway

And a portable source of light - Solar stuff is good, so are LEDs. But you can also keep a bunch of candles. Remember the good 'ol days when we had power outages during a thunderstorm? Yup, we survived those too!

As a last point we want to make. The Coronavirus is popular right now, but is less deadly than things we don't prepare for. So if you are doing this just because of the Coronavirus, re-think some of your other choices in life too!  (Individual members of the Sparks of Interest team do not condone the art of not being prepared, we just ask everyone to stop and think)