Sparks of Interest’s first podcast episode where Jeff Bonano, Dennis Bagley, and Peggy Rew discuss local politics. They talk about some of Jeff’s journey with running for Sparks Mayor, as well as some of the lessons learned while running. This is our first episode and we took the time to discuss about what Jeff discovered when he decided to run for Sparks Mayor.  Not only that but he started applying what he felt was necessary from any political leader.

Open communication was the first thing discussed.  “I was committed to keep open communication with the public.” explains Jeff.  And it’s true!  We do need more open communication within our local leaders.  But it’s not always something we see in City Council.  Often it’s like talking to a brick wall and often the public feels like they aren’t being listened to. We also talked about the voting process and how it’s hard sometimes to get voters involved in the Primary Elections.  “If you want change, you have to be that change”, explained Dennis.  It’s all about creating that movement and your voice does matter. Expenses and contributions are another area that was a huge learning experience.  Candidate Sam Koepnick was a good example of how you didn’t need a lot of money to be a top runner in a political race because he was a refreshing new face that the public was looking for.  Jeff was determined to work hard as well and even contributed a lot of his own money to support the campaign.  But what did he do with the remaining amount after he lost?  He donated it! And what about issues?  Affordable Housing, Homeless, the “Tesla Effect”, and even the Aesthetics of the city, are all important.  How do you find out what matters most to the people of Sparks when you are running for office?  Talk to them!  And when they talk to you, you listen. But with all of this, it boils down to that each person needs to do their research on the candidates.  Don’t vote for comfort or ease, vote for the values that best represents you and then go out and vote!  Not registered to vote?  Then go and register, it’s important and it’s your voice!

Questions to you, the listener

Feel free to tell us your thoughts including but not limited to these questions:

  • Do you think local politics is dirty business?
  • Do you vote based on party affiliation?
  • Do you feel non-partisan seats are still influenced by political parties?
  • Should we have political parties?

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