Peggy takes center stage as the pet health expert in this episode as Jeff and Dennis ask questions about all things pets. Learn more about CPR, First Aid, and overall pet health tips to ensure your woofer or kitty are safe. Jeff, Dennis, and Peggy also talk about their pets and some of these pet related things that are in the Sparks and Washoe County areas. Seriously, Pet’s are community members too and we can’t neglect them when it comes to their health and well being.

To Start, What kind of services does the City of Sparks and Reno and Washoe County provide for pets in promoting their health?  Unfortunately there really isn’t much here locally.  You can however reach out to the Washoe County to get your pet micro-chipped!  For more information about this if you are a local resident, you can visit their site here or call them at 775-322-DOGS (775-322-3647).

Pet safety in the Heat and in the Cold is also important.  First, it’s important that regardless if it’s hot or cold, be sure to supply ample water for your furry friend. If you have 3 Dogs, you should have 4 bowls of water. This is important!  Not to mention that you should keep their bowls clean regularly, otherwise they could get sick. If you have a pet that isn’t drinking a lot of water, try adding some chicken broth or pedialyte in their water too to help entice them to drink.

We also suggest that you provide them shade and shelter for out doors or allow them inside where they can get cool air or warm heat.  If you only allow them outside, then please consider at least getting them a bail of hay.

In this episode Jeff mentioned that he is working on getting a dog run installed and is using a granular deodorizer.  If you are curious what he purchased, you can check it out on Amazon here.

One thing you don’t want in the yard though is Cocoa Mulch.  While says it’s only partially true to be harmful, it is in fact poisonous to dogs and cats and you don’t know if it will in fact get eaten by your pet.  Better safe than sorry.

What are some Pet laws that some community members may not be aware of?  For starters, you need to clean up after your pet!  Please, please, please don’t be that guy.  Clean up after your pet if they poop!  Also please keep your pet on a leash.  Not sure if your area has these laws?  Be sure to check your city ordinances to find out what other laws are applicable where you are at.

Dog Parks are a great place too for your dogs.  But you as an owner do need to take responsibility with what goes on there.  Please be sure your female dog is not in heat and that your dogs are up to date on their shots.  You should also watch out for social bullies with either your dog or someone else.  You should also stay in command of your dog and try picking a time that isn’t as busy.  Local residents can see where some dog parks are at by visiting here.

But what about if your dog gets in a fight?  Easy!  Squirt them with water, maybe even load it up with a little bit of vinegar in that water too.  It’s important that you pay attention during this time with what your dog is doing and stay involved.  Don’t just let them run around without supervision.

Basics about Pet CPR:  When it comes to performing CPR, please keep in mind that this is not something you should try without proper training.  If this is something you are interested in Peggy regularly hosts classes that you can sign up for.  This is for anyone nationwide according to Peggy.  She is willing to travel!  So reach out to her at the contact information below!

Basics about Pet First Aid: What should you have in a first aid kit for your pet?  Some things we suggest is to include Water/Pedialyte/Chicken Broth, Saline eye wash, peroxide/antibiotic ointment, an extra leash, bandages, vet wrap (elastic gauze) which can also be used as a muzzle when treating a wound.  Also, treats are great to help your pet feel more relaxed, Benadryl (yes just people benadryl is all you need) is a must have while lavender, mint or chamomile is great as alternatives, just not in pure form.  Plus an old shirt/towel or something that smells like you, and keep some of your old socks handy as they are great for using as bandages!

Pro’s/Con’s of boarding is also sometimes something we worry about.  While we didn’t have time to talk about it in our show, here is an interesting article about the Pros and Cons of Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting.

Questions to you, the listener

  • Which is better, Dogs or Cats? (Yes, we went there!)
  • What pro tips have you heard about in keeping your furry friend happy and healthy?
  • Has anyone ever successfully given CPR to a fish?  If so, please tell us how you did it!

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Wanna see that video about the Chicken CPR?  Hit it up here (fair warning it’s not the best quality but it is pretty funny if you find chickens funny)

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