Do you understand what a Trust is? Can you tell the difference between a will and a trust? Well we sure couldn’t so we decided to bring in an expert. Cindy Armentrout Esq. joined the team in this episode to educate us and you on what a trust is as well as answer some commonly asked questions and myths.

  • In a previous episode we talked a lot about investing for retirement and in an even earlier episode we talked about managing your finances. With both of those episodes we realized one topic that sparked our interest was what exactly are trusts and how do we set them up.
  • So we wanted to do one more episode that targeted the topic of money and bring in a guests to speak with us and actually help answer some of those questions we all have.
  • But before we get into all that we did want to disclose...

Disclaimer: ...We are going to be talking about finances and will be providing general information. Even though we are not financial advisors and even though we have brought in a professional who will be providing information to you, we are not liable for what you do with this information. It is strongly recommended that you do your own research to find what works best for you and we encourage you to seek professional legal advice when and if you decide to establish a trust.

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