During the time of deciding if we should be lifting parts of the world wide lockdown, Jeff and Dennis decided it was time for a friendly debate on if we should or not. In this episode, you’ll learn where each one stands and why.

During the debate we worked off a few standards to help determine if we are ready to unlock the lock-down. These guidelines were announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and are as follows:

  • 1. Disease transmission is under control
  • 2. Health systems are able to "detect, test, isolate and treat every case and trace every contact"
  • 3. Hot spot risks are minimized in vulnerable places, such as nursing homes
  • 4. Schools, workplaces and other essential places have established preventive measures
  • 5. The risk of importing new cases "can be managed"
  • 6. Communities are fully educated, engaged and empowered to live under a new normal

Jeff also mentioned an article that can be found here on NPR about how experts rate the risks of 14 summer activities. Check it out if you are interested to hear more.